Minimize Downtime With
Commercial Waste


We’ll Help Keep Your Business Up and Running

Problems with your waste systems can take a toll on your business operation. Not only are repairs costly, but the downtime can result in lost business.

However, if a problem does occur, the professionals at Sonlight Services can minimize your downtime by getting you up and running quickly and efficiently.

Sonlight Services specializes in:

  • Restaurant grease traps
  • Commercial holding tanks
  • Commercial sludge hauling
  • Car washes

Our maintenance program gives business owners peace of mind in knowing that their waste removal systems are in good working order. It’s a wise investment for any business owner with commercial waste removal systems. Contact us to learn more.

Keep Your Business Running
at a Normal Speed

Sonlight Services has regular maintenance schedules to keep your sludge and grease removed to avoid costly repairs that may come with a lack of maintenance.

Grease Traps, Commercial Waste and Holding Tanks

Clogged grease traps can back up not only your drainage system, but your ability to conduct normal business as well. You’ll get timely service for all your commercial waste removal needs from our experts.